Faire la demande d'une pièce spéciale
Vous avez l'idée, nous la réalisons ! Chargez simplement vos fichiers CAO et décrivez-nous les caractéristiques de votre application. Vos informations seront évidemment traitées en toute confidentialité.

Je souhaite faire une demande pour une pièce spéciale

iglidur® special parts

Individual & cost-effective: Your plastic bearing with the desired shape, in the desired quantity and made of the desired material

You did not find what you were looking for in our range of standard products? No problem! Like catalogue parts, customised series solutions are part of our everyday work. We have many different ways of manufacturing exactly the parts you need. We will be happy to advise you regarding the most efficient manufacturing method and recommend the perfect high-performance polymer material for your individual case.
serial production

Serial production: efficient, flexible, scaleable

After receiving your CAD data, we will contact you within just a few hours to make you an interactive offer with the manufacturing method recommended for your component. Serial production by our in-house injection moulding service department is also possible.     

iglidur® special parts

Individual components with no minimum order quantity

Each method used to manufacture individual customised solutions has its specific advantages and disadvantages. From 3D printing to manufacturing from bar stock, urgent enquiries or no minimum order quantity. We help you to choose the best manufacturing method for your application. 

igus® prototypes

Prototypes and test samples for your application

Prototypes and samples available enable you to test the fit and function of the component you want us to make. On the basis of the test results, we can choose the best manufacturing method for your project or make corrections with regard to the design, the material or the shape.