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How close do you get to freedom from maintenance?

  • An idle game in which maintenance times and unexpected machine failures are your biggest enemies
  • Unlock new motion plastics solutions in the technology tree of the igus laboratory
  • Learn more about our motion plastics products in the IMPS (igus motion plastics show) in the game
  • Unlock more perks via achievements
  • Additional features and game updates will be communicated by us
  • Available from May 30, 2022 as web app

The motion plastics® game: igumania

As the newly appointed production manager of a Mars Rover factory, you and your assistant Rusty battle the many unplanned maintenance issues in production, but time and again the plant comes to a downtime. One day, however, you get a visit from Dave, the friendly technical salesman from igus. His visit marks the start of the joint success story with motion plastics.

Improve what moves

Reduce the maintenance time of your production by using motion plastics. Install various iglidur plain bearings, energy chains, flexible cables from chainflex, linear and drive technology from drylin, and even complete low-cost automation solutions like the robolink ReBeL. You can unlock even more perks and products via Achievements.

Thanks to the installation of motion plastics, lubrication and cable breakage are also a thing of the past during the game.


The ingame real-virtual IMPS 

Learn more about the world of motion plastics in our in-game exhibition, the IMPS (igus motion plastics show). Click through the different motion plastics solutions and learn more about the respective products.
Our 175 new products will be on show live on 30 May at the Hannover Messe


Unlock the technology tree

At the beginning of the game, not all motion plastics are available. Immerse yourself in the igus laboratory and unlock new products via the technology tree.

Every product is tested thoroughly before it is made available for sale. To this end, we have been operating our own test laboratory since 1985.It not only is the largest test laboratory for tribo-polymers in the industry in terms of area, but also conducts the highest number of product tests and test procedures.