dryspin® lead screw drives in the automotive industry
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Lead screw drives in the automotive industry

Quiet running and absolute freedom from lubrication and maintenance in your vehicle


Tech up    Lead screw laboratory technology

Tech up                                                                                                                Cost down

► Reduces wear by up to 25%                                                                                           Costs up to 50.9% less than conventional lead screw drives
 Up to 30% longer service life and 82% greater efficiency                                         ► Individual configuration of lead screws and nuts
► Weighs up to 88% less                                                                                                   ► Quick processes and short delivery times
► 100% free of lubrication and maintenance                                                                 ► Advance tests in igus test laboratories
► Optimised for small installation spaces and low drive torques                              ► Very easy assembly and system integration
► Quiet, vibration-free operation thanks to rounded tooth flanks                               ► As necessary, provision of unprocessed materials