World's No. 1 in terms of choice, testing and guarantee. With chainflex cables from igus, you reduce your costs by up to 64.7%², with the same or longer service life. We give you our 36 month guarantee1.

The best price-performance ratio

With the igus price check, the right cable for your needs can be found very quickly

Every electrical specification is available in seven cable qualities. The choice is yours: cost-effective price or the cable for high technical requirements. Whatever option you go for, we give you a 36 month guarantee on your cable.

Example: 64.7% more cost-effective in the case of control cables and 36 month guarantee

This cost saving² can be achieved through use of the slimline chainflex® CF130.UL series, instead of a CF77.UL.D, for adaptation to the respective application mechanics without any reduction of electrical properties, even if the core/cross-section combination and length are the same.

CF 7 top quality cables

Biggest price advantage

From 0.43EUR/m no minimum order quantity


chainflex CF130.UL control cable in wood manufacturing

Biggest technical advantage

139 million cycles proven in the igus lab


chainflex CF10 control cable in storage and retrieval units

Control cables are not your focus area, but you would still like to save costs and improve your technology?
Save costs with further cable types, too²:

Measuring system cables Save 39% by using the CF111 for short distances
Servo cables
Save 32.7% by reduction of PUR in the case of the CF21 
Bus cables Save 62.1% by using the CFBUS.PUR with Cat5e instead of Cat 6A

Motor cables Save 41.8% by using single cores
Data cables Save 30.8% by increasing the bend radius with the CF8821

Calculate your savings potential here

How can igus do this?



Product variety

Seven different cable qualities with the same electrical properties from a product range of more than 1,350 cables for movement.




36 month guarantee

Or guaranteed 10 million double strokes1, depending on which occurs first. On all chainflex cables



Service life calculator

Quickly and simply calculate the expected service life of a cable in your application and automatically initiate a comparison of possible cables.

Calculate the service life now

Service life calculator-cf



Test laboratory

We guarantee and provide the service life due to our testing. In the industry's largest test lab with more than 12 million completed tests on 3,800m2.

Preis check control cables

Request price check now!

Upload an overview of the cables you have been using so far for movement. Our igus experts will carry out a value analysis for you within 24 hours and will then make a concrete recommendation on how you can reduce your expenditure.


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Customer applications:

Production equipment

chainflex CF9 control cables for high speeds with cross sections of 0.25 to 0.34mm are used as INI cables in the production plants of HEKUMA.

Drilling systems

Up to fifty servo axes in a confined space, high dynamic, small bend radii, a required long service life: in these drilling machines, chainflex hybrid cables are used.

Large scale machining centres

Measuring system cables from igus are used in large-scale machining centres. They transmit signals safely over very large distances and ensure high machine availability.

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