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Reduce your costs when designing energy supply systems. We offer customised special solutions for challenging applications worldwide.

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Moving energy made easy

Today, igus® energy chains and energy chain systems are in use in millions of customer applications around the world - from beverage dispensers to steelworks. They have a modular design and are easy to assemble. Not only resistant to various media and designed for very small bend radii, e-chains® are ideal for confined installation spaces as well as large, heavy and rigid cables and hoses.
energy chain

Energy chains

Energy chains ensure the supply of energy, data and signals whilst in constant motion. They reduce downtime and increase the service life of cables and hoses.

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e-chain test laboratory

Test laboratory for energy chains

In the igus® test laboratory, which is the largest in the industry, more than 10 trillion test cycles are carried out with e-chains® and chainflex® cables at a total of 180 testing stations every year.

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e-chain systems® in the application

Energy chains and systems are already being used reliably in many applications worldwide, such as beverage dispensers, cranes, robots and cleanrooms.

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