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From the smallest energy chain in the world and the unique 36 month guarantee for cables, through to the first tribo-filament for 3D printers: there are many good reasons to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations from the world of motion plastics® from igus®. 


The latest robolink® applications on the blog

Latest information on low-cost automation and robolink® applications is always available on the igus® blog. For example, the video of our customer Jäger Software which uses a 5 DOF robolink® for quality inspection and sorting of RFID chips.   


Insights from the igus® lab

More than 1 million cycles tested: worm/strain wave gears for robot arms: 49 test stations for RL-D worm gears in continuous 24/7 operation. The durability of different worm-gear/worm-shaft combinations with different load/speed profiles is explored, along with other properties. 


Where is igus® hiding?

Smooth running and 74 x longer service life
A long service life combined with very low weight are important criteria in the bicycle industry. As iglidur® plain bearings do not require lubrication, dirt is not a problem. Crank Brothers from USA installed iglidur® plain bearings in their pedals and tested them in-house.