3D printing of plastic gears: Faster to serial production through online service life calculation

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Duration: approx. 30 minutes

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Learn how to easily calculate the service life of 3D printed plastic gears in 60 seconds, or how to use our free tool to make a design in terms of gear module and tooth width. The knowledge you gain will help you to get to series application more quickly, as you can significantly reduce valuable trial and test times.


What can a 3D printed gear made of iglidur® plastic withstand? - You can quickly and easily calculate this online without having to calculate the load capacity. How does it work? Tom Krause, head of additive manufacturing at igus®, will show you in our virtual workshop.

More about wear-resistant polymers for 3D printing

The iglidur® plastics specially developed for 3D printing have a much higher wear resistance compared to regular 3D printing materials. As a result, wear resistance and friction are on the same level as for iglidur® plain bearings manufactured in the injection moulding process - however, production for special parts is considerably faster and the omitted tool costs offer considerable savings potential. The igus 3D printing materials are therefore ideally suited for industrial use as a durable functional part.

Analogous to all igus® products, the parts produced in 3D printing are also extensively tested for wear and friction in the in-house test laboratory. This makes it possible to determine the expected service life of plain bearings and gear wheels, for example.

In addition to special plastics for applications in particular environments, we offer expert advice, practical online tools and configurators (free of charge and without registration), as well as free samples of our materials and the products made from them.

Our team of design engineers has been developing innovative materials and solutions for 3D printing since 2014. With more than 120,000 printed parts in 2019, with eight SLS machines distributed across Europe, Asia and America and a worldwide customer base, additive manufacturing is now firmly established as one of igus GmbH's established production processes, with 11 of our own wear-resistant materials. 

You can find further information on our materials and services on our website.


The speaker: Tom Krause

Tom Krause is the head of additive production at igus. Out of his private passion for 3D printing, he started the additive manufacturing of abrasion-resistant components at igus GmbH. In this online workshop, Tom Krause will share his expertise in the optimisation of durable 3D printing gears and will be available to answer any questions you may have on this topic.  

Following the workshop, Tom Krause will be happy to answer your questions about 3D printing plastic gears.   


What can you expect in our workshop?

What can you already take into account when designing your 3D printed gear to increase its load capacity and service life? Which shaft-hub connections come into question and what is the tolerance on the gear?

You will learn when 3D printed plastic gears offer both a technical advantage and cost reduction and when not.

We show with the help of customer examples why iglidur plastics are particularly suitable for the additive manufacturing of gears and how you can determine the service life of a 3D printed plastic gear using our free online tool.


What is a virtual workshop?

There are currently enough webinars and dry monologues read from a Power Point. We invite you to participate: After a short introduction, our speaker will show you the practical application of the gear life calculator. The tool application is in the center of attention, so that you can immediately try out the gear wheel service life calculator with regard to your application.

If you are unable to attend our workshop, please register anyway - after the workshop we will send the recording to all registered participants.